28 presses from 30 to 500 tonnes capacity with and without cushions

JLF Manufacturing has been providing pressed metal components, welded assemblies and fabrications for over 90 years.


World-class quality welded assemblies

JLF Manufacturing is a leading provider of metal pressings, precision presswork, spinnings and welded assemblies, to industry leading manufacturers across the globe.

We can take an idea from concept, through to production, finishing and delivery, and offer all types of metal finishing, to the highest levels of quality control.


  • All types and grades of metal available.
  • Manual, semi-automatic and robotic welding undertaken by certified welders.
  • Brazing, MIG, TIG, spot and projection welds available.
  • Material finishing carried out to exact specifications.
  • Controlled quality to BS EN ISO:9001.
Welded Assemblies

Welded Assemblies