JLF Manufacturing has been providing pressed metal components, welded assemblies and fabrications for over 90 years.

When it comes to producing high volume components and assemblies, it really pays to tool. 

With over 90 years’ experience, JL Float has the skill and expertise to deliver high quality, precision made pressed metal components, assemblies and fabrications, using hard tooling.  Here, we take a look at why tooling is often the best choice when it comes to delivering pressed components and assemblies, when compared with other methods of component production, such as press brake.

High quality guaranteed

High quality hard tooling means a high quality component.  Once the tooling has been produced, it is possible – with one ‘bash’ – to manufacture hundreds and thousands of the same component over and over again with complete accuracy and uniformity, from the first to the very last. 

A press brake, however, does not use custom made tooling and instead relies on a straight-edged tool which ‘bashes’ the metal several times before delivering the end product.  This is a much longer process and is far less accurate than bespoke tooling.

Cost effective 

For the manufacture of high volume components and assemblies, tooling is the obvious choice.  Once the bespoke tooling has been made for the part, it is possible to use this time and time again.  As each bash of the press will produce a finished part, it is possible to produce several parts in the time that press braking takes to produce one.  Press tooling, therefore, is much more cost-effective and enables more parts to be made per hour, giving you a better return on investment.

Bespoke tooling for complete accuracy to customers’ specifications

Each tooling is designed and manufactured to meet the unique specifications of each individual component or assembly.  This means that the part will be made to a high degree of accuracy and precision which will meet the customer’s requirements exactly, with no margin for error.

JL Float is able to offer a range of services which includes precision press tooling, basic pressings through to complex assemblies and welded fabrications. We are able to convert our customers’ drawings and concepts into precision made components at competitive prices.

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