JLF Manufacturing has been providing pressed metal components, welded assemblies and fabrications for over 90 years.

Precision Presswork from leading metal pressing companyFor companies who have complex product specifications, bespoke tooling will need to be manufactured prior to the presswork process.  Bespoke tooling is a large capital expenditure that many companies are unable to pay up front.  That’s why companies like JLF Manufacturing offer amortised tooling which means that the full cost of the tooling is able to be paid over an agreed amount of production runs.

Several production runs providing high volume products and components means that bespoke tooling becomes very cost effective and affordable, delivering low cost-per-part over the tooling’s lifetime and paying for itself out of the piece part savings generated.

Don’t make do, go bespoke

Being able to have bespoke tooling made means that your products and components can be manufactured to meet your exact requirements, as opposed to you having to ‘make do’ with standard sized presswork.

A specialist in-house tooling department with specialist knowledge

We have a specialist in-house tooling department that has a wealth of knowledge producing precision tooling for a wide range of industrial sectors including automotive, rail, agricultural, white goods, electrical and heating, and building services.

Should your specifications alter to accommodate updates to your products, our tooling department has the skill and expertise to adapt the tooling to meet any new requirements you may have, saving you money.

Presswork is the perfect choice for manufacturing high volume products and components. With every stroke of the tool, a component is produced – the last one exactly the same as the first, however many are produced.

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