JLF Manufacturing has been providing pressed metal components, welded assemblies and fabrications for over 90 years.

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Hard tooled pressings – a complete solution for higher volume metal parts and components

If you are regularly purchasing metal parts and components, on a weekly or monthly basis, hard tooled presswork could save you both time and money, as well as increase the accuracy of each part.

Presswork is ideal for regularly repeating production runs, and delivers a greater deal of accuracy on parts and components when compared with those manufactured using press brake methods.  Unlike press brake, a reputable presswork company will have the capability to produce bespoke tooling to suit your exact requirements – the tooling will be set into a press which will produce a run of your component, with minimal deviation in quality from the first to the last part made.


Presswork is ideal for medium to large production runs of metal parts and components

A pressworker with an in-house tool room will be able to produce high quality, precision tooling made to meet the most exacting specifications.  Specialist tool rooms can modify existing tooling to increase their lifespan, and carry out repairs to ensure maximum return on investment.

Once tooling has been manufactured, it can be used time and time again, so the higher the volume, the lower the contribution per part.  A good presswork company will often suggest that customers amortise the cost of the tooling manufacture over an agreed number of production runs, to eliminate the need for a large upfront capital investment.


Look for a presswork company that can offer value added assembly and welding services under one roof

With skilled staff in a range of disciplines, a reputable presswork company will be able to take your project from concept through to completion and if assembly is required, certified welders are able to carry out manual, semi-automatic and robotic welding, or joining techniques such as brazing or projection welding, to complete the sub-assembly of your components.

Look for a presswork company that offer a complete solution under one roof, from tooling manufacture, jig & fixtures, to production, welded assemblies and finishing.  This will give you the best value for money and the most competitive turnaround times.


Established more than 90 years ago, JLF Manufacturing is the name to trust when it comes to delivering high quality presswork, welded assemblies, deep drawn pressings and metal spinnings.  With a highly skilled workforce, a comprehensive range of equipment and large facilities, we are able to provide a complete solution for all of your metal parts and components, under one roof located in the Midlands.