JLF Manufacturing has been providing pressed metal components, welded assemblies and fabrications for over 90 years.

However you do your calculations, the cost of producing metal components and welded assemblies can add up.  Our presswork services could provide a reduction in your overall expenditure, especially on high volume projects.

Hard tooling is an important part of all of our presswork processes, enabling the manufacture of high volume production runs to be completed quickly and with an extremely high degree of accuracy.  The quality of the finished component is directly affected by the quality of the tooling.  This means the production of the hard tooling needs to be made with complete precision, meeting the customers’ exact specifications.

Presswork from JLF Manufacturing is ideal for high volume, precision metal parts and components.  It takes only one stroke of the tool to produce one component, thereby enabling a large number of components to be made in the time it takes to make one using other methods such as press brake.

In addition, presswork is extremely accurate. Tooling is produced to the precise specifications of each component that it has been designed to produce.  This means, from the first component to the last, each one is exactly the same – with no deviation and complete accuracy.

Using the press brake method to create a component can be a laborious task.  It can take several manual strokes to produce just one item, taking much longer than presswork and has a tendency to be less accurate.

JLF Manufacturing has been delivering exceptional pressed metal components and assemblies for over 90 years.  We produce high quality, accurate tooling to meet the precise specifications of our customers at a reasonable cost.

We are able to deliver a range of services, from providing basic pressings to complex assemblies and welded fabrications.  Contact us today to discuss your particular requirements with one of our experience team members.