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Precision Presswork


If you are looking for high quality and accurate parts with a consistent finish at cost effective prices, then there really is no alternative.  Precision presswork delivers all of this and more.

Consistent quality

With every stroke of a press, a skilled press worker can produce volume parts and components with identical quality and accuracy, from the very first pressing through to the last.

Delivering on cost and efficiency

Unlike other metal forming processes, presswork is an efficient way to produce volume parts and components, because every cycle of the press produces either a component or stage in the forming process (if ‘ganged’ progression tooling is employed).  Therefore, once the tooling has been set, the press can continually run producing tens or even hundreds of thousands of components.

What to look for in a pressworker

Look for a pressworker with a large enough facility to handle your requirements, and one with production capacity and lean systems to enable short lead times on all orders.  Ask for a plant list and check that they have a wide range of presses.  A presswork company with a range of presses between say 30 and 500 tonnes should be able to produce highly accurate components from a clip (on the small presses) up to 1,220mm x 610mm x 180mm deep.

Time served experience

You should also consider experience, time served and expertise across all types of materials from stainless steel to aluminium.  Each material has it’s own challenges.

Toolmaking, tool maintenance and tooling repairs

What makes a precision presswork supplier more responsive is a skilled in-house toolroom. Precision presswork starts with precision tooling and you can’t have one without the other and to keep tooling costs affordable, an in-house toolroom is key. Ask if they would amortise the tooling costs across a given volume.  The more established companies can do this to help save capital expenditure.

Improving products and saving you money

Finally look for a pressworker that works with companies spanning a large range of high-profile sectors.  They are more likely to have the skills to improve product quality and throughput by working with some of the largest names in each sector.

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